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Engineering The Future of Cybersecurity, IPv6 and AI
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CyberOZ is an open and neutral platform which aims to foster global collaboration, promote knowledge exchange & awareness, and encourage innovation in the domains of Cybersecurity, IPv6 and AI
Collaborate, learn and innovate at a two-day premier gathering of experts where global insights and transformative ideas converge on
Government initiatives for an innovative and secure digital future
International cooperation fostering a united front against emerging threats
Navigate the dynamic landscape of global regulatory requirements
Trustworthy AI and Secure IoT technologies
Pioneering research and innovation from academia

Meet the Visionaries

Hiroshi Esaki
Director, WIDE Project
Doug Montgomery
Internet Technology at NIST
Ralph Wallace
Chair, US IPv6 Council
Latif Ladid
President IPv6 Forum and
Chair 5G World Forum
Michael Biber
President, Australia IPv6 Forum
Narelle Clark
CEO, Internet Association of Australia
Kayleen Manwaring
Senior Lecturer, Law & Justice,
UNSW Sydney
Ruth Lewis
Chair, IEEE SSIT Standards Committee
Frank Zeichner
Chief Executive Officer,
IoT Alliance Australia
Matthew Enger
Managing Director of X Integration and
Leap Telecommunications
Hassan Gharakheili
Academic at UNSW Sydney
Co-Founder & CTO at CyAmast
Krishna Kumar
Vice Chair, APAC IPv6 Council
(IPv6 Forum)
Ian Gibson
Deputy Dean Industry Engagement,
UNSW Sydney
Sureswaran Ramadass
Chair, APAC v6 Council
Jayaprakash Kumar
Founder, Criterion Networks and
George Cvetanovski
Founder and CEO Hyperscalers
Dhanunjaya Vudatha
Principal Solutions Architect - Criterion Networks
Joseph Klein
Computer Scientist (Ex-MITRE)
Simon Finn
National Cyber Security Advisor, Cisco


Day 1
Day 2
Ian Gibson
Deputy Dean Industry Engagement
UNSW Sydney
Welcome Note
Hiroshi Esaki
WIDE Project
Unveiling the cybersecurity landscape in Japan and the pivotal role of IPv6
Doug Montgomery
Internet Technology Research at NIST
Gain valuable insights into US Government's initiatives on Cybersecurity and IPv6
Refreshment break
Enjoy light refreshments and coffee
Ralph Wallace
US IPv6 Council
Enhanced Cybersecurity measures for IPv6-Only networks
Latif Ladid
IPv6 Forum and 5G World Alliance
Exploring the evolution, current trends, and future scenarios of IPv6
Joseph Klein
Computer Scientist
Bridging the Gap: IPv6 Security Through Staff Education and Technological Advancements
Michael Biber
IPv6 Forum Australia
IPv6 Adoption in Australia and Privacy Considerations
Attendee Lunch
Engage and interact with fellow attendees while enjoying delicious food and beverages
Narelle Clark
Internet Association of Australia
Australian Industry Perspectives on Cybersecurity and IPv6
Dr Kayleen Manwaring
Senior Lecturer
Law & Justice, UNSW Sydney
Consumer protection implications of socio-technical change in cyber-physical systems and IoT technologies
Ruth Lewis
IEEE SSIT Standards Committee
IEEE's AI Ethics and Governance
Refreshment break
Enjoy light refreshments and coffee
Panel Discussion
State of Cybersecurity, IPv6 and IoT
Matthew Enger (Internet Association of Australia), Frank Zeichner (IoT Alliance Australia), Hassan Habibi Gharakheili (UNSW Sydney), Sureswaran Ramadass (Chair APAC v6 Council), George Cvetanovski (Founder and CEO Hyperscalers), Simon Finn (National Cyber Security Advisor, Cisco).
Panel Discussion
State of Cybersecurity, IPv6, and IoT
IoT Alliance Australia, Internet Association of Australia, UNSW, ACANN, and CNLABS
Matthew Enger
Hassan Habibi Gharakheili
Frank Zeichner
16 September
ElecEng Building - Room G22, UNSW Kensington Campus
CyberOZ Learning Primer
CNLABS will conduct a full day introductory workshop on Cloud-Native Application Security Considerations and Establishing a IPv6 Cybersecurity Defense Architecture. The trainings are delivered in collaboration with Criterion Networks Inc. and Aptive Resources Inc.

Who should attend

CyberOZ learning primer provides a learning roadmap for individuals, enterprises and operators getting started on their network transformation journey.

  • Business and IT Managers building awareness on Cloud-Native Applications and Security aspects
  • Technical writers or editors
  • DevOps practitioners and SREs
  • Aspiring students and Inexperienced professionals looking to get a head start on their Cybersecurity journey
Course Outline

Session 1 - 9AM to 12PM

Cloud-Native Application Security Considerations

Presentation Outline:

Cloud-Native technologies and tools such as Microservices, Containers, and Kubernetes have emerged as the major virtualization approaches. Package these cloud native microservices to create, deploy and manage for both on-prem and cloud environments. Cloud-Native technologies bring a wealth of benefits; however, the task of securing your cloud-native environment is challenging.

This Cloud-Native security considerations presentation deals with a practical view of Kubernetes security, and vulnerability management tools to improve cloud native infrastructure security.

This overview defines a model for thinking about Kubernetes security in the context of Cloud Native Security with 4Cs (Cloud, Cluster, Container, and Code). Each layer of the Cloud Native security model builds upon the next outermost layer. The Code layer benefits from strong base (Cloud, Cluster, Container) security layers and so on.

This presentation intends to provide organizations and their technical leadership with a clear understanding of cloud native security, its incorporation in their lifecycle processes, and considerations for determining the most appropriate application thereof.

The following objectives will be covered:

  • Cloud-Native applications and development methodologies - Overview
  • Why we need a security and observability strategy for cloud native applications
  • Understand key concepts behind the security and observability approaches
  • Explore the technology choices available to support this strategy
  • Discover how to share security responsibilities across multiple teams or roles
  • How to architect Kubernetes security and observability for multi-cloud and hybrid environments
  • Instructor-led Demo
  • Q&A


  • A basic understanding of software development
  • Previous exposure to containers and containerization - in particular, docker

Session 2 - 1PM to 4PM

Establishing a IPv6 Cybersecurity Defense Architecture

Presentation Outline:

A 3 hour practical course on establishing and maintaining an IPv6 Cybersecurity Defense in Depth architecture for small, medium and large private and public enterprises.

The course will contain US Government aspects of both US Civilian and Department of Defense architecture elements, including but not limited to Continuous Diagnostic and Monitoring (CDM) elements and Trusted Internet Computing (TIC).

There is no cost to participation in the workshop (Maximum of 30 participants).

CyberOZ Connect

Network and connect with global experts and fellow attendees 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Who should attend?

CyberOZ 2023 is the place to be for cybersecurity professionals, enthusiasts, experts, and passionate individuals from diverse fields. Connect, learn, and contribute to shaping a secure digital future, regardless of your background or level of expertise
Cybersecurity Professionals
Stay current with trends, best practices, and solutions
IT and Network Administrators
Learn practical strategies for secure IPv6 integration
Government and Policy Makers
Understand global initiatives and regulatory requirements
Researchers and Academics
Share cutting-edge research and discuss emerging technologies
Industry Leaders and Innovators
Gain insights into industry developments and collaborations
Students and Aspiring Professionals
Build expertise through networking and expert guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where was CyberOZ 2023 taken place?
CyberOZ 2023 was held on September 15th and 16th, 2023 at the Chancellery, UNSW Kensington Campus in Sydney, Australia.
Can I register on-site on day of the event?
On-site registration is not possible on the day of the event. Pre-registration is required to attend the conference and workshop.
How can I contact the event organizers?
For any inquiries or assistance, please write to the event management team at organizers@cyberoz.org and we will be happy to assist you.
What is the final date for registration?
Registration opens on July 1st 2023.
How do I register for CyberOZ Connect?
You can express interest for CyberOZ Connect when you collect your conference badge on the day of the event.
Is there an event registration fee?
CyberOZ is an annual event fully supported by sponsors. There is no registration fee required for the conference or the workshops. Seats for in person attendance are limited and we encourage to register in advance.
Help with registration
You will receive an email with confirmation number if registration is successful. If you have any issues with registrations, please write to organizers@cyberoz.org and we will get you signed up for the event.

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